Renton Prep Participates in ISTE 2018

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is a community of passionate educators. This technology-centered guild encourages the use of technology and believes in its power to transform teaching and learning. Thus, continually seeking for ways to improve the learning experience of students through innovation. Students and instructors proudly represented Renton Prep at the event, where they attended sessions and led presentations.Renton Prep at ISTE 2018

Renton Prep at ISTE 2018

ISTE advocates for a use of technology that addresses problem-solving in education. Therefore, their mission is to inspire new solutions and connections to make learners’ opportunities better. ISTE accomplishes this through practical guidance, evidence-based professional learning, visual learning, virtual networks, and ISTE events. The two-day event took place in Seattle’s Bell Harbor International Conference Center on November 10-11. There were 31 Renton Prep students and 3 teachers who presented at ISTE 2018. The presentations trained educators in the creative process of learning. And during those two days our students showcased and talked to participants about their work. Also, students talked about their learning from elementary through Running Start, guiding educators through their perspective. The goal was to inspire teachers to see what is possible before they go through the progression of learning. And ultimately, at the end of the event they created a project.

Young Experts

Some students showed their expertise by sharing their implementation of creativity in learning at the Expert Museum session. They used their Surfaces to be in the “museum” gallery when teachers arrived and showed some of their creative projects. The environment was similar to Learning Celebration Night. It was student-led and informal. This gave them the opportunity to freely showcase their work to all, like 4th grader Kennedi Ratcliffe. She used her Surface to demonstrate the use of mathematics in Minecraft Education. We also had 1st Graders Kathryn Huhs, who demonstrated amazing public speaking skills, and Athena White who presented on how she can fingerprint with digital ink using Fresh Paint Art Witt.

Two other students, Emmy and Afomeya, presented a lightning talk on the design process and brainstorming. Also, these two presented a session with Dr. Michelle Zimmerman on Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Our young experts also discussed how they use AI through Microsoft Translator. In addition to AI, students discussed how math and art intersect through technology. This session enlightened instructors at ISTE 2018, as our students discussed the importance and versatility of technology across all subjects.

Renton Prep Pride

In addition to our students demonstrating their knowledge, our very own Dr. Zimmerman talked about her book Teaching AI: Exploring New Frontiers for Learning with the help of some students. This session touched on some sections of the book and provided tips and access to free resources supported by AI. The purpose was to equip students for a future with AI and give instructors free tools to use in the classroom.

Participants later participated in a student-driven talk on local color, including brainstorming, and intro to the City Walk experience to Pike Place Market. There, they showed a range of artifact possibilities across grades. And showed the creative process as they did for the Seattle Art Museum projects, aligning them to ISTE Standards for Students and Common Core State Standards. Then Hallie Reichel (5th grade teacher) spoke about her work creating documentaries. And Susie Sung talked about some project-based learning with her students.

See this video recap of the event. Can you spot our student participants?

New Frontiers for Learning

At Renton Prep, we are proud of our students’ accomplishments and learning. And ISTE 2018 was a successful event that highlighted education and technology. So, if you want to see our students’ experience at ISTE 2018, check out a video Duy Tran, 10th Grade, created to document the experience from a student perspective. Also, you can find pictures and a video clips on Instagram, and more in this album. If you want to see your child soar in education, contact us today and learn about how to get started at Renton Prep.

Thank you to all who participated in this event!

Michelle Zimmerman
Susie Sung
Hallie Reichel

Students in 1st Grade:
Athena White
Katheryn Huhs

Student in 4th Grade:
Kennedi Ratcliffe

8th Grade Students:
Brandon Smith
Lakelle Bridges
Kush Juneja
Max Vu
Kai Vu
Sam Liu-Beggs
Charisse Vales
Krish Juneja
Melay Kiflom
Bianca Bangayan
Mikylla Pascua
Angel Batalon
Grady Victor
Cierra Wright
Jada Johnson

9th Grade Students:
Nathanael Cooper
Sharice Lee
Eden Fenta

Students in 10th Grade:
Emmy Sung
Afomeya Hailu
Abagail Phetsomphou
Duy Tran
Heran Mengisteab
James Lee
Julien Johnson
Rhonwyn Fleming

Alumni (Running Start):
Matthew Lee