Personalized Learning with Afomeya Hailu

Personalized Learning with Afomeya Hailu

Learning about the world and the people who surround us is an extraordinary thing. Expanding our knowledge of different cultures and lifestyles can help us obtain a broader perspective on life. In addition to all that, there is nothing like introspection and personalized learning. Discovering new limits and improving our capabilities lead us to our unique individuality. At Renton Prep, we love to focus on what we can do to better our students. Today, we want to highlight Afomeya Hailu, a 10th grade student at our school. She has dedicated exceptional effort in her school performance. In fact, she aims to engage in a dual enrollment program that will push her towards her goal of pursuing a career in the medical field. Here are her accomplishments!

Reaching Out

During her 9th grade year, Afomeya completed an Ethnography project where she collected information about her family’s history. The idea of the project was to utilize multiple forms of media in order to share students’ learning with a broader audience. Although some of her family were not readily available in the area, Afomeya still found a way to make it happen. She reached out to her grandmother with a set of questions about her family’s legacy and their experiences prior to arriving in the United States. Just by one interaction, Afomeya was able to learn so much about her background. Check out her Ethnography project!

Using the Right Tools

One of our primary objectives at Renton Prep is exposing our students and teachers to constructive tools that will support their learning. Things like AI are regarded as highly beneficial. So for her project, Afomeya sketched concepts and designs for her layout using digital ink in OneNote. Machine learning tied with tools like these help students achieve their goals for assignments. Moreover, applications with AI, such as Microsoft Sway, organize your work in a presentable fashion and minimize the extra hassle. There is a plethora of resources that students can work with and gain personalized learning from.

AI for Math

AI is available across all subjects. For students like Afomeya who are working towards the medical field, mathematics is extremely important. Fortunately, there are programs such as ALEKS from McGraw Hill Mathematics that offer differentiated learning options. As educators, mathematics can be challenging to teach, and just as challenging for students to learn. ALEKS gives students the opportunity to work at their own pace while also learning the material in the classroom. It keeps track of students’ progress throughout the course.

“Throughout the years, I have noticed that when ALEKS is used hand-in-hand with in-class lessons and projects, it helps me understand everything more clearly. When these two methods are put together, I have found that it is more effective for me.”

Afomeya Hailu in Teaching AI

Students Are Unique

The first step towards equipping students is understanding them. With that comes being aware of their strengths and weaknesses. At what pace do they contribute their best work? What strategies can educators implement in their teaching that allow their students to understand what they are learning? An often times confused concept is the idea that students who are enrolled in the same level of education are all progressing at the same rate. Although this may be true for some, not all students are exposed to the same classroom experiences. Each student possesses unique capabilities. While some are able to work at a rapid pace, others need to spend time grasping the material. School boards need to work together in creating a system of teaching that benefits each student’s personalized learning experience.

Surpassing Limits

We are proud of Afomeya for her ambition and effort. Recently, she was nominated to attend the Congress of Future Medical Leaders and was also featured in an article by Accessibility Compliance and Equity (AC&E). Entirely praising our students and their accomplishments would go far beyond an article. They truly have invested their time in becoming better and learning more. These are aspects of education we strive to see at Renton Prep and beyond. We work to prepare our students for what to expect in the outside world. We aim to push them towards an improved future that they can thrive in. Visit our website or contact us today to learn more about our vision and mission.