Renton Story: Nathan Craia

Nathan Craia’s Story

Nathan Craia’s story, like many Renton Prep student stories, depicts the life of a student who is excited to learn. At Renton Prep, students like Nathan enjoy a unique educational environment that values creativity and individuality while learning practical, life-relevant skills.

Listen to Nathan’s story to hear how Renton Prep educates through a mix of traditional and unconventional processes, each playing a critical role in challenging students to become the best versions of themselves.

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Video transcript of Nathan’s Story:

Hi, I’m Nathan Craia and I’m in 10th grade, and I go to Renton Prep.

For 10 years of my life, I went to a traditional school where they focus very much on traditional methods, such as textbooks and just going through lesson plans like that. And, just growing up, I got my education, but I really wasn’t able to [develop] my creativity as much since everything was so straightforward.

In the 2 years that I’ve been here at Renton Prep, I’ve noticed that the teachers, they help you and they push you in a way where it’s still only up to you to take that path.

A reality is that everyone learns differently and everyone’s unique in their own way. And, one way that Renton Prep identifies that, and encourages and helps us through it is that their grading system is just a little bit different. Instead of focusing on the core standards of grading, they’ll go a little bit in a different direction where they’ll grade us on our creativity, they’ll grade us on how we portrayed it or how we were able to present our project or assignment. And, it’s really been more open.

They encourage us to go above and beyond, and that’s how we learn to just do our best. To be as creative as we can. And, each of us are unique and each of us can do that in a different way. And, they realize that, which is why they grade us a little bit differently.

Yeah, we won’t get 100% every time, but next time, they encourage us to do better. They encourage us to be more creative and to do our best, all the time, in every single thing we do.

Renton Prep has a variety of students with various interests, who each want to express their creativity in different ways. We encourage all of our students to work hard and give Renton Prep instructors their full attention; and most importantly, to be courageous when it comes to showing teachers and classmates who they are as individuals. Contact Renton Prep to learn more.