Kindergarten Prep & Kindergarten Students Donate to Hope Link Food Bank

Serving others means doing so as selflessly as possible. What makes our students so special is their genuine desire to serve communities locally and globally. In November 2019, Renton Prep’s Kindergarten and Kindergarten Prep classes worked together on a service project. Inspired by the book “Last Stop on Market Street” by Matt De La Peña, the goal of the service project was to donate food to a local food bank. So they chose to make a donation to Hope Link Food Bank. We are excited to walk through 2020 with new accomplishments and service opportunities!

Last Stop on Market Street

In class, students in Kindergarten and Kindergarten Prep read the book “Last Stop on Market Street”. The book tells a story of a young boy whose grandmother helps him see the beauty in the world around them. It not only teaches an excellent lesson of appreciation, it also inspires readers to shift their perspective on life.

Renton Prep kindergarten prep students read Last Stop on Market Street

Additionally, the book includes the young boy’s journey to a soup kitchen, where he volunteers with his grandmother. This led to the question of what exactly a soup kitchen is.  So, students along with two teachers Ms. Wright and Mrs. Chang discussed what a soup kitchen is and how some people in the world may not have food or a place to be. Reading the story gave the classroom a real world connection. In conclusion, they were all able to reflect on what they are thankful for.

Making Impactful Memories

After reading “Last Stop on Market Street,” Kindergarten and Kindergarten Prep students came up with the idea to create a service project. After learning that there are people in the world who go without food, 4, 5, and 6 year old kids took it upon themselves to make a difference in ending world hunger. Notably, they focused on goal 2 in the United Nations Global Goals for Sustainability: zero hunger! Most importantly, Renton Prep students thought of ways to spread joy and help those in need by praying and donating food.

Food Donations

Significantly, Kindergarten and Kindergarten Prep collected 136 pounds of food over two days in November 2019! The students were inspired to make a difference after reading the book. They wanted to make an impact and realized even one small donation can make a big difference, especially when all the donations are combined! To start the chain, Ms. Wright and Mrs. Chang collected non-perishable items from students and families. Then, they took the items to Hope Link Food Bank in Bellevue, Washington. The teachers took pictures of the donation process to share with the students, who as a result, got to see what the inside of a food bank looks like!

New beginnings

This 2020, Renton Prep Christian School would like to focus on new beginnings. In other words, bringing new things to action and making greater differences in the world around us. This means getting involved in opportunities and helping students break out of their shells! We are extremely thankful for Kindergarten and Kindergarten Prep for making a difference in the local community. To learn more about our school, visit our website and contact us today!