Kayla Vrudny’s Story

Kayla Vrudny it is a first grade teacher at Amazing Grace Christian School. Through prayer and contemplation, Kayla made the decision to move to Seattle from Minnesota to join the faculty at Renton Prep. She greatly enjoys working with her students and getting to know them while also incorporating the latest technology into her teaching.

Kayla Vrudny’s Journey to Renton Prep

“Hello, my name is Kayla Vrudny and I’m a teacher here at Amazing Grace Christian School. My journey from Minnesota to Seattle really started with the call, knowing that God was truly leading me to this school to teach the children here.

“At first, it took a lot of prayer, because I would be moving away from my family, away from my friends, away from what was familiar to me to a totally new place, where I didn’t know anybody, didn’t know anything about the area. But it was also exciting to me because it was new, and it was going to be a new adventure. What really helped me was knowing that my foundation was in Christ and then also being a part of the Church family here and the school family here.

“Amazing Grace and Renton Prep offer a unique opportunity first, because it is founded on Christ; and this really leads to everything that we’re doing. And second, is that we have the opportunity to teach students to high academic standards as well as integrate technology into teaching in the most creative ways.

“One of the things I enjoy most about being a teacher is building relationships with the students. To me it’s eye-opening to see that they experience different things not just within the day, but within the morning. And that really puts into perspective to me to make sure that the classroom is a safe place, a constant place. The thing that brings us all together even though we come from different backgrounds is that we’re all one in Christ.

“One of the main reasons I would recommend Amazing Grace to any family is that their student will receive a Christ-centered education that integrates technology and that helps students learn to use their voice to design solutions to the global community.”


Teachers like Kayla bring a passion for education and Christ-centered teaching to Renton Prep and Amazing Grace. We are proud to partner with educators like Kayla whose dedication to our students is unprecedented. Regardless of your students’ goals, teachers like Ms. Vrudny will work to ensure students are encouraged and supported in their educational pursuits. If you want to learn more about Renton Prep and our Christ-centered educational setting, please contact us today.