Commendation Form Dillon Smith

Renton Prep Commendation: Highlighting Student Dillon Smith

At Renton Prep we use commendation forms to highlight outstanding students and faculty. And on this post, we want to commend Dillon Smith. He is a 6th-grade student at Renton Prep, who recently participated in the Olympic Development Soccer Tournament in Arizona. In August of 2018, Dillon made it to the EPD (Elite Player Development) state pool. Just two months later, in December of 2018, he also made the traveling team that would represent WA state 2006 boys. We are so proud of Dillon’s accomplishments.


In order to be involved in the tournament, Dillon had to go through tryouts for the Elite Player Development, which took place on April 14-16. Following the tryouts came the callbacks. Members had to make it through 5 callbacks in order to be part of the EPD. Dillon, as well as others, were challenged to play against other teams to be tested on their performance, workability, and sportsmanship. Dillon prepared for the tournament by training with his brother and running to build stamina and leg power, which are necessary abilities for soccer. Dillon’s brother taught him to shoot the ball accurately with pace and power. And Dillon is now able to play for Eastside FC soccer club based out of Preston, WA.

Student Highlight: Dillon Smith with Team

Making the Championship

The EPD Championships took place in Phoenix, Arizona from January 4th – January 6th, 2019. Dillon and his team were able to participate in 3 championship games. Although they lost to Arizona, they were able to successfully win against Northern Nevada. Overall, it was a wonderful experience for Dillon to play against teams from 3 other states as well as bond with boys from other local WA soccer clubs.

Student Highlight: Dillon Smith

Cause and Effect

When it comes to why Dillon was intrigued to participate in all the fun, he shared with us saying:

“I wanted to travel and play against better competition.”

Student Highlight: Dillon Smith

He also included other hobbies he takes interest in such as playing basketball with friends, chess with his grandpa, and swimming during the summer. Each of our students has left their mark in one way or another. Renton Prep is honored to have a student body that portrays zeal and passion within their lives. When it comes to sharing and growing, we take the lives of our students into account. Visit our website or contact us to learn more about our ambition.