Christmas Program 2017 – Beyond The Classroom

This year our school has been focusing on a theme of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development.

These Global Goals were our thematic inspiration for the Christmas Program 2017; they will also continue to inspire our Dance program and STEAM Fair.  Our Dance Program theme is Beyond and we designed our Christmas program to reflect a similar motif. We want our students to look beyond the classroom and focus on a global perspective. Likewise, we encourage them to see beyond time and make connections between past, present, and future.

Christmas Program 2017 – Beyond The Classroom

Christmas Program 2017 Highlights

In our Christmas Program 2017, the students sang songs in a variety of different languages including Spanish, German, French, Swahili, and Latin. As it says in Mark 16:15, “He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.’ ” We chose songs in a variety of languages to continue sharing the Good News of Jesus’ birth that would reach a global audience.  Videos that displayed digital imagery inspired by the class song or parts of Scripture from Luke 2 were played between each song. This concept of digital imagery came from the importance of how student voice and art are essential to having a global perspective, especially when told through the eyes of the children, in sharing the great news of Jesus’ birth.   

The students did a wonderful job singing with joy and proclaiming the Good News of Jesus’ birth. We are so proud of the hard work and effort they put into memorizing their songs and creating beautiful music.

Looking to 2018

As our students return to classes on January 8, we look forward to continuing the work of Sustainable Development and Global Goals into the new year. At Renton Prep we strongly believe in allowing students to explore their voices, creativity, and faith. We also encourage students to foster connections with the past, present, and future. Additionally, we ask our students to examine and evaluate their view of the world in order to gain more perspective.

The faculty and staff at Renton Prep hope you and your families had a wonderful Christmas. We are eager to kick off 2018 with a renewed commitment to education, spirituality, and creativity.

Happy New Year,

Mrs. Kayla Vrudny