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Broadening K-12 Students’ Perception on Artificial Intelligence

As parents, teachers, and school educators, we have the ability to give our children and students the extra push. Exposing them to new perspectives and ideas gives them the opportunity to individualize themselves and see the world through a unique lens. Among the many elements brought to attention at Renton Prep, is artificial intelligence. We […]

Educators as Lifetime Learners

The more and more prominent that technology becomes in our daily lives, people have developed a misconception of how it affects us. In many ways, technology can reel people into danger and societal distractions. But in the same way, technology can also have lasting benefits and successful effects in relation to humanity and artificial intelligence. […]

Renton Prep Students and Faculty Present at FETC

At Renton Prep, we dedicate our values to helping students and faculty flourish in all areas. As devoted participants in education-related events, our school was honored to present at the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC). This is the third opportunity our students and faculty have been given to present at FETC since our school […]

“Teaching AI: Exploring New Frontiers for Learning,” Dr. Michelle Zimmerman

Renton Prep has a flourishing ambition of applying STEM-based learning in education. Throughout Renton Prep’s history, executive director, Dr. Michelle Zimmerman, has dedicated many years of experience in education. Within her work, she focuses on being able to bring the importance of technology into our classrooms. Significantly, Dr. Michelle Zimmerman actively participates in many educational field […]

Renton Prep Christmas Program: Nostalgia with Purpose

The Christmas season came and went leaving us with new hope for the new year. As we look back, Renton Prep has had a great first semester of the 2018-2019 academic year. And it all culminated with a beautiful Christmas program that evoked emotions of sentimental yearning for Christmas past. Nostalgia with Purpose You may […]

Renton Prep Commendation: Highlighting Student and Faculty

The holidays are the season to be thankful and to give. Also, as a Christian school, at Renton Prep we work to instill a spirit of service and hard work. So today, we want to highlight student Karrick Johnson and faculty member Michele Cooper. At our school, we use commendation forms to appreciate the work […]

Amazing Grace Will Join Renton Prep at 200 Mill Plaza

In March of 2018, we sent out an article about the status of the 200 Mill Plaza redevelopment. This article provided facts about accommodating Renton Prep’s growth and how students, families, and staff will benefit from a more modern campus. At Renton Prep, we strive to find methods that will improve the atmosphere and quality […]

Students Present at TechFest Conference 2018

Here at Renton Prep, we always thrive to instill technology based education within our students and educators. On October 26, 2018, eleven of our students were given the opportunity to speak at TechFest in Tulalip, Washington. The conference provides a chance for K-12 school district administrators to see products and services of the latest technology […]

Renton City Comic Con 2018 – AI: Is it Real or Hype?

Every year the city of Renton hosts the Renton City Comic Con. The event has numerous panels and showings of comic characters impersonators. However, this event is not only about super-heroes, fictional characters, and cosplay. This past September, Dr. Michelle Zimmerman, Renton Prep’s TEALS Computer Science students, and their teacher attended Renton City Comic Con […]

Faith vs Religion in Christian Education

Faith vs Religion is an important subject because we desire our students to have a living faith beyond being a member of a church. Our doctrine is solidly LCMS and Bible based. The goal is for the students to apply faith to their real life and see how it is woven throughout learning and everyday […]

Renton Prep At E2 | Education Exchange In Singapore 2018

Renton Prep is proud to be a leader in private education both in the state of Washington and among the most innovative Christian preparatory schools in the country. As part of our commitment to providing students with a Christ-centered, technology-enabled education, we were pleased to attend this year’s Microsoft Education Exchange in Singapore. The Purpose […]

Human Machine Balance by Richard Boyd

The biggest issue for the 21st century, for individuals and organizations alike, is determining how to achieve the correct balance between humans and automation to optimize outcomes. This raises a number of questions for teaching methods and practice. We will discuss how we can teach the next generation to achieve human machine balance and comfortable […]

200 Mill Plaza Redevelopment Facts

Have you heard the news? The 3.79 acres at 200 Mill Avenue are being redeveloped by Cosmos Development and LMC Development. These are the 200 Mill Plaza Redevelopment Facts. The Renton Preparatory Christian School campus is currently located on two floors in the building. Here are some of the 200 Mill Plaza Redevelopment Facts First, […]

NCCE 2018 Grants Announced

Our relationship with NCCE began in 2010 when Michelle Zimmerman’s students began volunteering and presenting. This is our school’s 8th year with NCCE. This year, our schools will make history again. We have a record number of faculty presenting at the largest educational technology conference in the Pacific Northwest. Eleven of our faculty submitted proposals […]

Microsoft’s Hack The Classroom Live Event

As a Microsoft Showcase School, Renton Prep is a proud leader in incorporating new learning tools into the classroom. This year, our teachers and students participated in Microsoft’s Hack the Classroom event. Held annually, Hack the Classroom is an opportunity for students and educators to share their tips and tricks in an effort to spark […]

Technology in Private Schools: The Future of Education

Renton Prep is proud to be a Microsoft Showcase School and so are our teachers and staff. We’re “all-in” and as time moves on our graduates are becoming leaders and innovators in the global workplace. Because of technology in private schools, the future of education is on display at Renton Prep. We have many advantages that […]

Renton Business Launchpad Speaking Story

At Renton Prep, we are proud of all our students and the impact they make on their communities. Recently, 10 of our students presented with Dr. Michelle Zimmerman at the Renton Business Launchpad event sponsored by the Renton Chamber of Commerce. However, while many of these students initially volunteered to participate only, not to present, […]

Building a Strong Desire for STEM Learning

STEM learning (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) has become integral to curriculum in the past decade or so. Lately, focus has shifted to fostering a desire to learn STEM early in a child’s education. While it has been determined that these areas of learning are vitally important to a child’s prolonged success in and out […]