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Educators as Lifetime Learners

The more and more prominent that technology becomes in our daily lives, people have developed a misconception of how it affects us. In many ways, technology can reel people into danger and societal distractions. But in the same way, technology can also have lasting benefits and successful effects in relation to humanity and artificial intelligence. […]

Dr. Michelle Zimmerman FETC Conference Coverage Interview

With the help of our teachers and educators, Renton Prep aims to emphasize the importance of education for our students. Events like the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) provides us the perfect opportunity. Whether right in the classroom or out in the community, every moment should expose students to new steps that lead to growth […]

Renton Prep Students and Faculty Present at FETC

At Renton Prep, we dedicate our values to helping students and faculty flourish in all areas. As devoted participants in education-related events, our school was honored to present at the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC). This is the third opportunity our students and faculty have been given to present at FETC since our school […]

Preparing The Future For Digital Transformation

One way or another, digital transformation is making its way into our lives. For the future’s sake, it’s substantial to expose students to the skills that are needed to succeed in the workplace. With digital transformation, people are learning how to augment the skills that are necessary to advance innovation. As Renton Prep is a […]

Renton Prep Commendation: Highlighting Outstanding Students

Renton Prep commendation forms proudly highlight our students’ accomplishments. On this post, we want to shed light on two of our remarkable students, Sharice Lee and Aubree Martinez. Sharice’s participation in the annual Veterans of Foreign Wars contest and Aubree’s presentation at the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) has earned them well deserved acknowledgement. […]

Simplify Assignments and Your Timetable with Microsoft Teams

A lot of preparation and chaos can go into putting together every single lesson plan or assignment. Over time, companies have provided many new ways to assist teachers and educators in minimizing that hassle. One of which, is Microsoft. With Microsoft’s vision to inspire teachers and students to incorporate digital skills and technology into their […]

Renton Prep Commendation: Highlighting Student Dillon Smith

At Renton Prep we use commendation forms to highlight outstanding students and faculty. And on this post, we want to commend Dillon Smith. He is a 6th-grade student at Renton Prep, who recently participated in the Olympic Development Soccer Tournament in Arizona. In August of 2018, Dillon made it to the EPD (Elite Player Development) […]

“Teaching AI: Exploring New Frontiers for Learning,” Dr. Michelle Zimmerman

Renton Prep has a flourishing ambition of applying STEM-based learning in education. Throughout Renton Prep’s history, executive director, Dr. Michelle Zimmerman, has dedicated many years of experience in education. Within her work, she focuses on being able to bring the importance of technology into our classrooms. Significantly, Dr. Michelle Zimmerman actively participates in many educational field […]

Renton Prep Walkathon Raises Money for Mercy Ships

Humility and service are some of the qualities we endeavor here at Renton Prep. In fact, our students have recently dedicated their time to help others in need. They all worked together to raise money for the non-profit organization Mercy Ships. The organization is a civilian hospital ship that travels overseas and provides state-of-the-art care to […]

Students Present at TechFest Conference 2018

Here at Renton Prep, we always thrive to instill technology based education within our students and educators. On October 26, 2018, eleven of our students were given the opportunity to speak at TechFest in Tulalip, Washington. The conference provides a chance for K-12 school district administrators to see products and services of the latest technology […]

Microsoft Store for Education: New Education Apps

While the school year has kicked in, it’s important for students and families to be focused and involved in their studies. Sometimes, students just need an extra push or motivation to get them to fully understand what they’re learning. The Microsoft Store for Education has recently released new education apps that work within the Microsoft Education […]