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Personalized Learning with Afomeya Hailu

Learning about the world and the people who surround us is an extraordinary thing. Expanding our knowledge of different cultures and lifestyles can help us obtain a broader perspective on life. In addition to all that, there is nothing like introspection and personalized learning. Discovering new limits and improving our capabilities lead us to our […]

Steelcase Active Learning Classroom Award

Renton Prep strives to create a space where students feel driven to grow academically. However, education is not just about what they can learn, it’s also about how they can apply new knowledge to their own lives. Further, we believe that learning becomes effective when students can understand and administer it. And in order to […]

Advancing Student Collaboration in the Classroom

Student collaboration in the classroom is key when it comes to learning, as it gives all students the opportunity to grow while working together. But how can we make collaboration an activity where students are empowered to engage with one another to produce great results? Instead of putting together tasks where students don’t feel the […]

Exploring AI: Dr. Michelle Zimmerman’s Book

At Renton Prep, we value artificial intelligence (AI) and design thinking in education. Evidently, both aspects of education are strictly important to our school and the qualities that drive our teaching. Dr. Michelle Zimmerman’s book explores AI and how implementing it in the classroom can benefit students beyond academics. To that end, throughout this article, […]

Renton Prep Students Volunteer at Northwest Harvest Warehouse

When it comes to our ambition and purpose, Renton Prep’s ultimate goal is to emphasize the value of compassion. Whether it be through giving back or caring for those around us, little by little, we can help make great changes. We can set goals for ourselves, but unless we take action towards them, they will […]

Dr. Michelle Zimmerman FETC Conference Coverage Interview

With the help of our teachers and educators, Renton Prep aims to emphasize the importance of education for our students. Events like the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) provides us the perfect opportunity. Whether right in the classroom or out in the community, every moment should expose students to new steps that lead to growth […]

Snow Storm in Seattle, Means Abundant Learning

The last two weeks a snow storm hit Seattle ruthlessly. So naturally, Renton Prep had [many] snow days! With record breaking snowfall, the Pacific Northwest saw more than 7 inches of snow. The most snow the Seattle area has seen in February for over 70 years! However, one may think that a snow day may […]

Renton Prep Commendation: Highlighting Outstanding Students

Renton Prep commendation forms proudly highlight our students’ accomplishments. On this post, we want to shed light on two of our remarkable students, Sharice Lee and Aubree Martinez. Sharice’s participation in the annual Veterans of Foreign Wars contest and Aubree’s presentation at the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) has earned them well deserved acknowledgement. […]

Addressing Cyberbullying with Microsoft Store

Cyberbullying thrives all across media platforms and affects people of all ages. Predominantly occurring within teens, victims of this problem are having trouble coping with the pain it can produce. According to the Cyberbullying Research Center, more than one in three teens have been cyberbullied. The Microsoft Store has partnered up with experts of cyberbullying to […]

Simplify Assignments and Your Timetable with Microsoft Teams

A lot of preparation and chaos can go into putting together every single lesson plan or assignment. Over time, companies have provided many new ways to assist teachers and educators in minimizing that hassle. One of which, is Microsoft. With Microsoft’s vision to inspire teachers and students to incorporate digital skills and technology into their […]

Renton Prep Commendation: Highlighting Student Dillon Smith

At Renton Prep we use commendation forms to highlight outstanding students and faculty. And on this post, we want to commend Dillon Smith. He is a 6th-grade student at Renton Prep, who recently participated in the Olympic Development Soccer Tournament in Arizona. In August of 2018, Dillon made it to the EPD (Elite Player Development) […]

Student Highlight: Toby Eng Completes Achieve3000

Looking in retrospect, we are so proud of all the progress our students have made this year. At Renton Prep, we always encourage students to give their best in all areas. To that end, today we want to highlight student Toby Eng for his self-motivation to complete challenges from Achieve3000. At our school, we use […]

Renton Prep Participates in ISTE 2018

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is a community of passionate educators. This technology-centered guild encourages the use of technology and believes in its power to transform teaching and learning. Thus, continually seeking for ways to improve the learning experience of students through innovation. Students and instructors proudly represented Renton Prep at the […]

How Can Students and Teachers Save Time and Communicate Better?

Education might be the golden ticket, but without an effective means of communication, information will never reach its intended target. And while technology has made our world more connected than ever before, not all of the tools out there are equally effective. That’s why Renton Prep is glad to have Microsoft Office’s software product Sway […]

Microsoft Store for Education: New Education Apps

While the school year has kicked in, it’s important for students and families to be focused and involved in their studies. Sometimes, students just need an extra push or motivation to get them to fully understand what they’re learning. The Microsoft Store for Education has recently released new education apps that work within the Microsoft Education […]

Renton Prep Students Qualify as Finalists in the American Library of Poetry Competition 2018

The American Library of Poetry Competition is a contest that celebrates students’ creativity through writing. This competition is targeted to school age children from grades 3rd-12th, including tutored at home and home schooled pupils. Each year, they sponsor a writing competition throughout the entire nation. And in order to participate, students must submit a poem written […]

Renton Prep Students Win the 2018 Ninth Circuit Civics Contest

This year two Renton Prep students won first and third places in the 2018 Ninth Circuit Civics Contest. Representing the Western District of Washington, Julien Johnson and Afomeya Hailu won in two different categories, essay and video. The Ninth Circuit Civics Contest is a competition that targets high school students. And it requires the participants to […]