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Personalized Learning with Afomeya Hailu

Learning about the world and the people who surround us is an extraordinary thing. Expanding our knowledge of different cultures and lifestyles can help us obtain a broader perspective on life. In addition to all that, there is nothing like introspection and personalized learning. Discovering new limits and improving our capabilities lead us to our […]

Steelcase Active Learning Classroom Award

Renton Prep strives to create a space where students feel driven to grow academically. However, education is not just about what they can learn, it’s also about how they can apply new knowledge to their own lives. Further, we believe that learning becomes effective when students can understand and administer it. And in order to […]

Exploring AI: Dr. Michelle Zimmerman’s Book

At Renton Prep, we value artificial intelligence (AI) and design thinking in education. Evidently, both aspects of education are strictly important to our school and the qualities that drive our teaching. Dr. Michelle Zimmerman’s book explores AI and how implementing it in the classroom can benefit students beyond academics. To that end, throughout this article, […]

Dr. Michelle Zimmerman FETC Conference Coverage Interview

With the help of our teachers and educators, Renton Prep aims to emphasize the importance of education for our students. Events like the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) provides us the perfect opportunity. Whether right in the classroom or out in the community, every moment should expose students to new steps that lead to growth […]

Renton Prep Commendation: Highlighting Outstanding Students

Renton Prep commendation forms proudly highlight our students’ accomplishments. On this post, we want to shed light on two of our remarkable students, Sharice Lee and Aubree Martinez. Sharice’s participation in the annual Veterans of Foreign Wars contest and Aubree’s presentation at the Future of Education Technology Conference (FETC) has earned them well deserved acknowledgement. […]

Renton Prep Commendation: Highlighting Student Dillon Smith

At Renton Prep we use commendation forms to highlight outstanding students and faculty. And on this post, we want to commend Dillon Smith. He is a 6th-grade student at Renton Prep, who recently participated in the Olympic Development Soccer Tournament in Arizona. In August of 2018, Dillon made it to the EPD (Elite Player Development) […]

Student Highlight: Toby Eng Completes Achieve3000

Looking in retrospect, we are so proud of all the progress our students have made this year. At Renton Prep, we always encourage students to give their best in all areas. To that end, today we want to highlight student Toby Eng for his self-motivation to complete challenges from Achieve3000. At our school, we use […]

Renton Prep Participates in ISTE 2018

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is a community of passionate educators. This technology-centered guild encourages the use of technology and believes in its power to transform teaching and learning. Thus, continually seeking for ways to improve the learning experience of students through innovation. Students and instructors proudly represented Renton Prep at the […]

Renton Prep Attends SXSWEdu 2018

Renton Prep was thrilled to attend SXSWEdu 2018, a conference and festival held in Austin, Texas. An annual event, SXSWEdu aims to build and empower a community of engaged stakeholders with the goal of advancing teaching and learning. This year, Renton Prep presented an educational summit at the event entitled, “Future Learning: AI’s Impact on Tomorrow’s […]

Renton Prep Students Featured in Photos App on Windows 10

In January, some of our Renton Prep Students were featured in “Microsoft Education: Movie making for the classroom using the Photos app on Windows 10.” This is a laser maze project; amazing. The Microsoft team captured at the start of the year. Renton Prep students were also featured in the video (shown below) debut on BETT in […]

WE Volunteer Grant Award

WE have great news! Dr. Michelle Zimmerman recently wrote a grant for WE Day WE Volunteer Now project to support Welela’s and Leah’s project for outreach, hard work, and content. The team won the WE Volunteer Grant Award. As a Microsoft Showcase School we are always looking for ways to expand our funding for individual […]

Renton Prep Students Win Renton VFW 2017

We are honored and humbled to be apart of Renton VFW 2017. This past December our students represented by not only writing heartfelt and touching essays but also won awards! Check out last year’s essays. Renton VFW 2017 Awards What is America’s gift to this new generation? These amazing young minds took this task to […]

Christmas Program 2017 – Beyond The Classroom

This year our school has been focusing on a theme of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. These Global Goals were our thematic inspiration for the Christmas Program 2017; they will also continue to inspire our Dance program and STEAM Fair.  Our Dance Program theme is Beyond and we designed our Christmas program to reflect a […]

Renton Prep Commendation: Highlighting Students – Afomeya & Malia

At Renton Prep, we are so proud of our students for demonstrating Christian values in everything they do. We’d like to highlight two students who have recently been recognized by their parents and teachers for going above and beyond. Below is a bit about each of them and some of their accomplishments. If you would […]

Kayla Vrudny’s Story

Kayla Vrudny it is a first grade teacher at Amazing Grace Christian School. Through prayer and contemplation, Kayla made the decision to move to Seattle from Minnesota to join the faculty at Renton Prep. She greatly enjoys working with her students and getting to know them while also incorporating the latest technology into her teaching. […]

Renton Story: Julie Hood

Julie Hood is a fifth grader at Renton Prep who loves writing and art. She also enjoys working with the various technology tools that each classroom offers at Renton Prep. Renton Prep offers truly immersive experiences that integrate technology with education in a seamless and fun educational environment. Listen to Julie Hood and read her […]

Renton Story: Nathan Craia

Nathan Craia’s Story Nathan Craia’s story, like many Renton Prep student stories, depicts the life of a student who is excited to learn. At Renton Prep, students like Nathan enjoy a unique educational environment that values creativity and individuality while learning practical, life-relevant skills. Listen to Nathan’s story to hear how Renton Prep educates through […]

Renton Story: Samantha Fredericks

Samantha Fredericks’ Story Samantha Fredericks is a teacher at Renton Prep, with a background in linguistics and Spanish. She loves using her unique skills and educational experience to give our students a broader learning scope than they might receive at a standard school employing teachers strictly trained in traditional subjects. By exposing our students to […]

Renton Story: Alexis Berreth

Alexis Berreth’s Story, a 10th Grade Team Player. Alexis Berreth came to Renton Prep wanting to learn about technology. However, she was concerned with her lack of knowledge in the space. Would she fit into a school that embraced rapidly evolving technology? Alexis was thrilled to find that her fellow students who already knew a bit […]