Amazing Grace Students Take On TCEA Elementary Technology Conference

Renton Prep and Amazing Grace are always open to new opportunities that will serve and benefit the community. This past June of 2018, Ms. Emily Chant and Dr. Michelle Zimmerman traveled to Galveston, TX to participate in the TCEA’s Elementary Technology Conference. When it comes to reaching out to those around us, we aim to include our students as much as possible. In fact, three of Amazing Grace Christian School’s kindergarten students joined to present at the elementary technology conference. They also brought their mothers along to be a part of the experience. Here are some of the great things they accomplished.TCEA Elementary Technology Conference

Sharing Technology Everywhere

During the elementary technology conference, the young students were able to showcase Microsoft technologies to elementary teachers throughout Texas. Some of the tools presented included Microsoft Sway, Fresh Paint, and Paint 3D. With Microsoft Sway, users are able to create presentations, newsletters, and documentation within minutes. It offers a new and rapid way of building designs that will captivate those who come in contact with it. With both Fresh Paint and Paint 3D, people can unleash their creativity and bring their ideas to life. Kathryn Huhs, 6-year-old first grade student, joined Dr. Michelle Zimmerman on a presentation about the HoloLens. Here’s what Kathryn had to say about the experience:

“I loved traveling with friends and showing other teachers how I use computer programs. I loved it and want to do it again.”

Taking Charge

The fact that such young students were not only able to express their understanding, but also teach the technology tools we use in the classroom, really intrigued the audience. Kayla Huhs (mother) spoke highly of her daughter saying:

“As a parent, I thought it was such a wonderful opportunity to experience something that typically only adults are allowed to participate in. The whole process of understanding what you’re doing, explaining, practicing, and then presenting at such a young age has been one of the most amazing experiences for her.  She was able to engage with an adult audience with confidence, joy, and passion.”

At Renton Prep and Amazing Grace, we are proud to instill that drive and passion within our students.

Preparing the Future

Our goal at Renton Prep is to offer our students a world of opportunities that allow them to grow. Events like the elementary technology conference are a stepping stone to success and give students the chance to open up and express themselves. With each new experience comes an open door to the future.

“I liked presenting how to use FreshPaint because it is really fun! We did Paint 3D too. I felt nervous teaching teachers but it was worth it,” claims 6-year-old student Athena White.

Athena’s mom, Ashley White, expressed her pride of watching her child present:

“For most people, Public Speaking is one of the most feared activities to take on! So when there was an opportunity for Athena to be part of a conference with other classmates and her teacher to speak in front of a crowd full of adults, I absolutely found a way to make it work! And it was well worth the expense! The experience and confidence boost she gained from that conference as a 6 year old is absolutely priceless! I am so proud of her and so grateful to the Renton Prep administration for allowing her the opportunity as well!”

In January of 2019, both Athena and Kathryn along with three other first grade students will be presenting with Dr. Michelle Zimmerman at FETC in Orlando, FL. For many, this is the beginning of a bright future. Contact us to learn more about how your child’s education can soar at Renton Prep.