Renton Story: Alexis Berreth

Alexis Berreth’s Story, a 10th Grade Team Player.

Alexis Berreth came to Renton Prep wanting to learn about technology. However, she was concerned with her lack of knowledge in the space. Would she fit into a school that embraced rapidly evolving technology?

Alexis was thrilled to find that her fellow students who already knew a bit about technology were eagerly willing to help. She loves how welcomed she feels at Renton Prep, no matter her skill level. Though, she really loves how she is now developing knowledge which will help throughout her life and allow her to help others.

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Video transcript of Alexis’s Story:

Alexis: When I first came to Renton prep, I was actually behind in technology compared to other students at this school. And, that was something for me, I was very nervous about coming into this school cause I knew that they had knowledge of this technology and what they’re gonna be using in class more than I did.

When I came here, all the students were like, ‘Oh let me help you,’ ‘Let me help you,’ ‘Let me help you,’ and I think that was something that just really helped me feel welcomed at the school because I wasn’t doing it alone. I was just feeling that people had my back, and that they were here to help me rather than here to just watch me fail.

There are many things that make this experience unique for me. I think the main thing is that we do get to use technology. I feel like, as this world is becoming more modernized, technology is becoming very prevalent in our, not only education but in our lives in general.

I think that technology is something that is very important, and I feel like this school is really helping me,, not only learn about it, but teach other people about it.

I feel like that is something really important, just being able to help other people. And, I feel like knowing how to use technology, because this school is giving me these opportunities, is going to help me help other people in the future.

I’m thankful for Renton Prep because it has given me so many opportunities at this school that I couldn’t get anywhere else. And, I feel like schools that teach you about yourself and about others, and about many other things, is just going to help you in the future. And, I feel like some of the things that they have taught me now have just really made it so I can grow in myself.

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