Steelcase Active Learning Classroom Award

Steelcase Active Learning Classroom Award

Renton Prep strives to create a space where students feel driven to grow academically. However, education is not just about what they can learn, it’s also about how they can apply new knowledge to their own lives. Further, we believe that learning becomes effective when students can understand and administer it. And in order to achieve that, we go above and beyond to provide an environment that is conducive to learning. So, we are thrilled to announce that our school has won the Steelcase Active Learning Classroom Award! This achievement will benefit not only our teachers, but most importantly our students. This grant will allow us to create a new and fresh space for our students to flourish.

About Steelcase Active Learning classroom Grant

Steelcase Education partners with institutions from across North America to create effective, rewarding, and inspiring environments where students can actively learn. This award will allow our school to foster a space that will engage students in the process of learning. Each Steelcase grant includes:

  • Furniture
  • Design review
  • Installation
  • Onsite training
  • Learning Environment Evaluation

The grant program supports educators and students by creating an environment that encourages engagement, collaboration, and creativity. Beginning summer 2019 and ready by this fall, the Steelcase Education learning classroom will be installed at Renton Prep. Furthermore, our faculty will receive training from Steelcase Education on how to best use the new space. So, our students will have an updated space this fall!

Renton Prep Stands Out

After a lengthy application process, which made way for high competition with another 1000 applicants participating, we were happy to receive the good news. Renton Prep is one among sixteen award recipients. And according to Steelcase Education, our school stood far above the rest! It is this dedication to provide a well-rounded education to our students that sets our school apart. We are proud to see the results of the hard work of our team of educators, staff, and students.

Encouraging Progress

We want to thank Steelcase Education! We are so excited for our new Active Learning Classroom this fall and for our students and teachers to get the most out of it. Moving forward, we expect to see much growth and convenience from this new addition to our school. Also, great job to all who participated in this wonderful opportunity. Click here to view a list of all 16 grant award recipients. Renton Prep won’t stop now. This is just the beginning of a timeline full of improvement. Contact us today to enroll your child.